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In short, it may be an excess of content or a visual or sound overload with an advertising message. It is not without reason that both of the above works were create in 2020 and 2021. The phenomenon of information noise intensifies along with the geometric increase in content on the Internet. The amount of time spent online is increasing, and users have almost no respite from PR campaigns , advertisements, videos and catchy headlines. Internet noise At this point, it is worth distinguishing between harmful information noise and the so-calle buzz marketing or online buzz.

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The latter two terms are buzz on the Internet, but they refer only to the content layer. Every marketer wants their product to be known. However, buzz around a service or item doesn’t have to be base on low-quality, ubiquitous messaging. Information Latest Mailing Database noise can also include phenomena such as fake news. The authors of the work ” Fake news, rumor, information pollution in social meia and web” publishe in 2019 in New Delhi distinguish the following types of false information on the web and in social meia: fraud, gossip, disinformation, satire, fake news, spam, lies.

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We recommend Commplace – PR agency advises – take care of good press! Research shows that 65% of of American adults rely on social meia as their primary source of information. Therefore, the responsibility for the reliability of the BH Leads content rests also with advertisers who promote their products through the information noise in social meia and search engines. Information noise – examples If you turn on the radio, you’ll probably hear screaming advertisements for electronics stores. As long as you’re driving, you’ll see giant billboards of these companies on the roadside.

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