The best digital marketing agency is in your own company

Solution for many small businesses, is to do your own online marketing, as long as you have qualified personnel for this. It’s a very smart option, after all, as I always say, nobody knows your company better than you and your collaborators, so  To train its staff, Academia do Marketing.

Offers several courses in

This area. The ideal, for those who are starting, is the Digital Marketing Course . In this training, the participant learns step by step to structure a Norway WhatsApp Number List professional digital marketing plan and learns about the main strategies and tools of online marketing. To keep up to date with this and other information about investing in digital marketing, and relevant subjects about online marketing, we invite you to subscribe to our Newsletter.

Social Network Monitoring

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Applications and Benefits In modern digital marketing, social media monitoring plays a key role in any campaign on these channels. You can’t imagine a BH Leads marketing action on social media without having an efficient monitoring strategy for publications and their repercussions with the public present on social media.

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