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The selection of these keywords must comply with certain criteria in your digital marketing plan, based on your customers’ interests. Keyword research is a fundamental step towards success in terms of optimizing websites for search engines. That’s the secret to bringing qualified traffic to your website and generating a higher number of conversions.

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Fortunately, to identify keywords for your site, there are currently several tools that help us determine what these words or expressions would be. One Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List of them, which I usually indicate in the courses I teach at Academia do Marketing is Ubersuggest , a free tool  the keyword you want to optimize in your website content.

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Another tool that  is the Keyword Planner , available on Google Ads , Google’s ad platform. This is a tool that will also give you a lot of insight into the BH Leads best keywords to use in your SEO strategy . Website Optimization for Search Engines 5 – How to implement a website optimization process? Taking into account the keyword you intend to use, it’s time to put it into practice.

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