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The case of a large multinational company, in management positions, remuneration can reach R$ 60,000 in management positions, in addition to benefits and performance awards. professionals at the beginning of their careers had the greatest appreciation in digital marketing because it is a new area and lacking in qualified professionals.

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Digital marketing One of the main complaints of digital agencies is the difficulty in filling the jobs in digital marketing offered. Some positions remain open Senegal WhatsApp Number List for months without being able to find a professional with the right profile,  from starting. The outlook for the job market in digital marketing is one of even greater growth. Take, for example, the case of e-commerce.

Digital Marketing

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Course According to information from eMarketer , a company specializing in market research, e-commerce revenues should reach US$ 6.3 trillion BH Leads in 2024, a 26% increase compared to last year. For those who work in the area, this is very good news, as it shows that the demand for digital marketing professionals is even more heated.

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