These are the basic segments of knowledge

Therefore, having knowledge in the area of ​​web analysis and monitoring systems such as Google Analytics , since everything in terms of digital marketing revolves around measuring results. Without this knowledge, you cannot understand the signals the market is sending you. Many times we have very important information to be able to improve.

The performance of

Our actions. In order to analyze the performance of a campaign and determine the best metrics and KPIs to use, it is necessary to understand the Pakistan WhatsApp Number List structure of each one of them and know how to interpret their behavior. In addition, it is necessary to know the classic monitoring tools, such as Google Analytics.

In order to obtain

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The correct data and thus have an accurate view of the results. As you can see, in terms of a career in digital marketing the options are very varied. The BH Leads important thing is that you focus on the area with which you have the greatest affinity. Career in Digital Marketing Digital marketing training  in the area that are even part of our Digital Marketing Training program that is proposed by Academia do.

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