Once you’ve done your initial strategic planning and determined

If it is a desire, things change, as the most suitable channels are display marketing, such as banners, videos and social networks. As previously mentioned, digital marketing for small businesses needs to focus on the audience it needs to reach, and not be a true “cockroach flies advertising” that we constantly see, and which does not bring any results. 5 – Investment in digital marketing for small businesses Another very common myth about digital marketing for small businesses is investment in order to get good results.

That you need to make a big

Nothing is more wrong than that. That it is necessary to invest in online marketing actions, that’s for sure, in the same way that you invest in pamphlets, folders Albania WhatsApp Number List and other instruments of conventional marketing. But it is not necessary to invest rivers of money to have great results. The important thing is to invest in the right way and focus on the return on investment, not numbers that mean nothing in terms of sales,  on social media.

Like the number of followers

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Especially in the case of small companies, where the maxim is that resources are scarce and demands are unlimited , what matters is the result that BH Leads digital marketing actions bring in terms of sales and brand recognition. 6 – Implementation of digital marketing for small businesses which channels would be most interesting for your business, it’s time to move on to the practical part, that is, the implementation of the various online actions.

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