That can best meet the demands of your investment

Investment in digital marketing follows two different paths. The first option, which at first glance may seem more obvious, is to hire a digital marketing agency. The problem with this solution is, first of all, finding the agency  in digital marketing. An agency that presents real results, with reports and metrics for monitoring the return. These reports are what make all the difference.

Whether your digital marketing

They are what show  is an investment or an expense . The other problem is the cost, as an agency charges, in addition to the investments made Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List in serving ads and the strategic planning and management itself, a service fee that is around 20% of the amount invested in ads. Another path, which has been the digital marketing solution for many small businesses, is to do your own online marketing.

It’s a very smart option

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As long as you have qualified personnel for this. , after all, as I always say, nobody knows your company better than you and your collaborators, so the BH Leads best digital marketing agency is in your own company . To train its staff, Academia do Marketing offers several courses in this area. The ideal, for those who are starting, is the Digital Marketing Course . In this training, the participant learns step by step to.

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