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Which is why we now work a lot on it. For everything else, I think it’s one of the many ways that human beings have found to exorcise death . We can live longer thanks to medicine, we continue to spruce up our lives with high performance cars, expensive clothes, comfort, homes all over the world, comfort, the latest smartphone. We decorate our lives to forget that one day they will end. Working to earn or for the Franciscan spirit? When you say you started with acting but gave up because it earned little.

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You said you were filled with the  up working with writing (LoL).  this great sin? Do you think it’s possible to do a job for passion and not for mere business? Did I by any chance spoil a secret? For me, work is work . Sure, I like it and I know how to do it well and I even enjoy it in some Tongliao Phone Number List moments, but if I could I wouldn’t work. I have so many things that I would like to explore, learn, see that . My passions are elsewhere. The power of words: why do we ask a robot to choose them for us? In your Instagram posts you often say that words are powerful. They have the power to make us make certain choices and actions. So why, in your opinion, has man decided to create robots to which he can delegate the production of texts? To allow me to follow my passions?  You can learn more about the ethics of Artificial Intelligence here: Interview with Margherita Benzi, UNIUPO Professor of Logic and Philosophy.

I would not have time to work

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Interview-Chiara-Gandolfi-Verbal-Designer-importance-words-Easy-Web-Marketing-Nicola-Onida-SEO-copywriter-digital-marketing.Not only Nanni Moretti. Chiara Gandolfi is keen to reiterate it: “Words are important!” Verbal communication vs Visual BH Leads communication Have you ever thought of Verbal Communication and Visual Communication as two antagonists within the same arena? Is it possible that, in certain situations, one takes (more or less deliberately) the upper hand over the other? And who wins in.

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