When we measure the results of marketing campaigns

By identifying the problem quickly. We can easily reverse a social media crisis situation. In order to make this script about monitoring social networks as educational as possible, we have divided it into the following topics: 1 – What is social media monitoring? 2 – Advantages of monitoring social networks 3 – Social media monitoring metrics 4 – Main social media monitoring tools Let’s see each one of them so you can understand.

What social media

Monitoring is, its advantages, metrics and tools. Click here to learn more about the Social Media Management. Course offered by Academia do Jordan WhatsApp Number List Marketing 1 – What is social media monitoring? Monitoring social networks is often confused.With monitoring results on social networks , but they are actually quite different things.  on social networks.

We are focused on

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Very specific technical metrics, such as: Evolution of the follower base of a profile or page. Organic and paid reach of publications. Degree of engagement BH Leads with posts and ads; Generation of Leads in the various actions; Conversion rate of posts. These are all valid and important metrics in terms of social media monitoring in the broadest sense.

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