Into One Comprehensive Plan In Addition

The old division speaks of four main strategies: product line development, brand development, multibrand, new brand. However, let’s follow the example of a brand strategy that defies these patterns. Brand strategy Tesla stands out from other automotive companies thanks to its differentiation strategy. The nature of the products is completely different from the competition. Prices are high. The whole style and marketing built around the company appeals to completely different values ​​than in the case of a traditional car. With the help of thoughtful actions, Tesla manage to do something that remains the dream of other car manufacturers.

The Strategy Of Sales Support

The company’s Twitter account has almost 10 million followers. followers, and the entries quote the largest dailies on the front pages. For comparison, Hyundai or Volvo observes 180-200 thousand. people. These brands do not arouse such database emotions. We recommend Differentiation strategy – what awaits us in the future? Sometimes two companies deal with very similar activities, and the brand strategy is the only thing that distinguishes them from each other. This is the case with Uber and competitors (Lyft, Bolt). While the others focus on unpretentiousness and the lowest possible price, Uber at some point focuse on quality. The service is pretty much the same as the others.


Brand Building And Effective

Most people choose the basic form of travel anyway. However, with Uber, customers are aware of the premium version with exceptional service BH Leads and better cars. Although most of the problems with safety concerne Uber rides in the first place, today the brand’s strategy is built around broadly understood safety. On the company’s website, this word is use all the time in the context of the safety of women and other passengers, proper sanitary conditions, fair pay, etc. The aftermath of this strategy is also the reach of the company 1 million followers on Twitter.

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