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With the features it offers today, it has actually become a true communication channel between the company and its customers. Recently, Google created the possibility for people to follow company profiles and thereby create a direct channel between As a result, he created a true social network of companies with their customers.

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As a result, Google  a direct communication channel for the company, which can, through posts and updates, always be in contact with its UAE WhatsApp Number List customers.  becomes a routine in this tool. 5 – Getting information with Google My Business seo course Another very interesting dimension of Google My Business is that it has a tool for analyzing your listing’s performance information.

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Business Analytics , which offers various metrics about your business listing. Analyzing this data, you can extract very valuable information about BH Leads your audience and what they are really looking for, in the same way that we do in Google Analytics with other search marketing tools such as Google Ads and SEO. With this information in hand, we can optimize Google My Business so that.

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