In addition to technical knowledge, experience and leadership

The Marketing Job website team , specialized in digital marketing services, confirms this need. According to the website, some vacancies take weeks before they can be filled. Job Market in Digital Marketing Scarcity at all levels  at all levels. From digital marketing managers to technicians in the most diverse areas, the picture is the same. In the first case, because a.

Manager is not a professional

Digital marketing who graduates in one or two months and requires, qualities. In the case of  digital marketing specialists , such as search marketers, social Senegal WhatsApp Number List media analysts , web analytics, email marketing and others, the problem lies in the lack of qualifications.  tools like SEO, Google Ads and Social Media.

It’s one thing to know

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Another thing is to master these tools in order to use them professionally. In the job market in digital marketing, there is no more room for amateurs BH Leads or improvisations. Training in digital marketing needs to be deep and constant. There is a very big difference between the simple curiosity for techniques and tools, common to those passionate about.

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