I’m someone who comes much later to technologies

Parochialisms aside, from the point of view of strategic and entrepreneurial reasoning? For the verbal identity part, I still work with Italian clients. For the voice part instead I work with all of Europe. I don’t think there are big differences between Italians and French . I was lucky enough to meet kind, organized, respectful people. The very few disappointing clients I’ve met in my history as a freelancer were all Italian. The Germans and the Swiss are my favourites. Precise, very organized, punctual in payments.

They are not a stereotype

They are real  Technological innovation: how Chiara Gandolfi lives it Your relationship with technological innovation. Today we hear a lot about ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney, Artificial Ghana Mobile Number List Intelligence applied to creativity, generation of texts and images through commands imposed on algorithms. What’s your idea of ​​all this? I’m not the most qualified to talk about AI, when everyone said ok, it’s easy, we can use it.

It makes life more beautiful

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 I tried using it a little bit and what I deduced is that a machine still needs us to function. The right questions, the reasoning behind it. It can be a tool to speed up certain BH Leads phases of our profession, to gather ideas, but currently it cannot be the solution to a creative problem. Which philosopher predicted the current communication scenario? Can you find one or more philosophers who predicted the current communication scenario we are experiencing today.

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