How to boost your Digital Marketing with an effective

Marketing uses different communication channels. Both the web in a broad sense, and social media, as well as the development of specific applications. And other diversified tools. Here are the main tools used in a digital marketing strategy. 1. Use SEO in your digital marketing strategy It is one of the most used acronyms in recent years, very often inappropriately. In this article I explained in a very simple way what SEO is , you should read it! SEO includes all the techniques used to optimize a website for.

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The main search engines and for users. Who search on the web. Briefly, SEO deals with identifying the keywords (keywords) which, based on search volumes (calculated on the number of clicks per month) could guarantee more traffic – visits – to your website. Within SEO we distinguish the onsite or on page SEO activities – i.e. the interventions made on the code to make it more agile to the control of Google spiders – and those of offsite SEO (better known as Link Building)  network of links from sites of the same market niche that refer to your site. 

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You may also be interested in : SEO strategy.  An example: Imagine that you want to rank a page on your website for the topic “Women’s Shoes”. As a preliminary step, the SEO Specialist analyzes the status quo of your website with special tools. Subsequently, he will be able to suggest how to improve the text of the page by inserting keywords such as “women’s low shoes” rather than “women’s shoes”. We went from “Dear user” to “Ciao Martina!”. This is because the recipient must feel involved by the brand in their individuality. Having a more human relationship even in a digital marketing strategy with DEM and email makes the user better prepared towards your company. In addition to ad personam language , emails are often accompanied by images that reflect the situation of our buyer persona . Example of digital marketing strategy with email marketing. Let’s say that our children’s clothing e-commerce wanted.

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