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Place in the text? The outdated or irrelevant ones to discard for the creation of an SEO copywriting job? And there’s even more! SEO copywriting and the Yoast SEO Traffic Light Many people write articles or texts on the web convinced that turning the famous Yoast SEO traffic light green is enough. Calm. First of all let’s clarify what the Yoast SEO traffic light is. It is a tool used by those who publish content on the web through the WordPress platform. A plugin that supports SEO optimization of texts , indicating through semaphores if the text is valid from an SEO point of view. There are even those who believe that it is enough just to install this tool to magically ensure positioning. Wrong.

Will make their text appear

Others chase the green lights at all costs because they are certain that in this way Google  at the top of searches. Very wrong! SEO-copywriter-traffic-light-analysis-yoast-seo-Easy-Web-Marketing-Nicola-Onida-SEO-copywriter It is not so. The indications suggested by the Yoast SEO Mexico Mobile Number List traffic light must be taken with a grain of salt because they are generalizations that in some specific cases can cause counterproductive effects. Many articles are distorted and completely lose their readability as a result of corrections and choices made just to get all the green lights of the Yoast SEO traffic light. Giorgio Taverniti, one of the best-prepared SEO professionals , explains it in the video below.

Understanding what SEO copywriting

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What does SEO copywriting mean? Search engine optimization one of the least understood areas in the digital marketing landscape . Despite being one of the most profitable . Some believe that being at the top of Google results just a matter of luck. Others of investments. Still others BH Leads believe it due to the code with which the websites were created. It’s not exactly like that.  not difficult. Appearing among the first Google results doing SEO copywriting. And it extremely difficult. That’s why there are professionals .  on the first pages of search engine results. Your SEO texts must be the best for the segment you are targeting, captivating, easy to read. In short, your SEO friendly texts will have to respond to a series of typical requirements of SEO copywriting. SEO-copywriter-how-to-Easy-Web-Marketing-Nicola-Onida-SEO-copywriter.

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