For example a business could send a text message

Businesses can also use the group to communicate with customers and answer questions. Use Telegram bots Telegram bots are automated programs that can programmed to perform specific tasks. Businesses can use Telegram bots to send text messages to customers and to respond to customer inquiries. For example, a business could create a bot that sends a text message to customers when a new product released. Personalize messages.

Personalization is key

In text marketing. Businesses can use Telegram to send personalized messages to customers based on their preferences or past purchases.  to a customer Chile Mobile Number List who has purchased a certain product in the past to let them know about a new product that is similar. Offer exclusive deals Businesses can use Telegram to offer exclusive deals to customers. For example.

A business could send

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A text message to customers who have joined a Telegram group with a special discount code that can only used on their website. Provide customer BH Leads support Telegram can also used for customer support. Businesses can create a Telegram group or use Telegram bots to answer customer inquiries and provide support. This can help businesses provide a better customer experience and increase customer loyalty. Conclusion Telegram a powerful tool for businesses to.

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