Facebook public base expansion campaigns

We can include in our list of advantages of monitoring social networks is the early identification of possible crises in social networks in real time, which can be resolved right in their infancy. Last but not least, by monitoring social media we can determine campaign results, grouping them by objectives and goals. For these reasons, in our Social Media Management Course.

We address the issue of

Monitoring social media not only as a tool for tracking results, but also for improving understanding of our target audience. 3 – Social media monitoring Kuwait WhatsApp Number List metrics In terms of metrics used in the process of monitoring social networks , we do not have a fixed set of indicators, as they vary according to the objectives of the campaign and even.

In some cases the

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The social media used. number of mentions is more than enough of a metric to evaluate campaign performance. In other cases, such as, for BH Leads example,, the number of Likes is a perfect metric. The great care you must take is not to fall into the temptation of evaluating your campaigns based on vanity metrics , which in fact do not express the real objective of your campaign.

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