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Both digital marketing activities are developed on Google. Although the purpose is always to bring traffic to the website, this happens with different systems. If Search Engine Optimization aims to bring organic (unpaid) traffic to your website, Search  . route or the SEA route (or both!), the chances of your site or your company’s site gaining more exposure is high. When set up correctly, SEM campaigns will produce a return on your investment (ROI), thus generating profit for the business. 3. Paid Advertising for a digital marketing strategy.

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Paid advertising refers to all those paid activities and commercial promotion of a brand . Including also the SEM that I explained to you above. In particular, based on List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers your business objectives (in a digital marketing strategy, KPI, Key Performance Indicator ) that you want to achieve, it is possible to distinguish: CPC Cost per Click : better known as PPC, Pay Per Click . Identify the cost to pay for each click received during an advertising campaign. Setting up a marketing campaign on.

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This basis is generally advantageous for those who decide to invest. The payment of the campaign takes place only when a goal set on the clicks received is reached. CPM Cost per Mille : better known as Cost per Impressions. Identify the cost to be paid for reaching 1000 BH Leads views (impressions) for an online advertising campaign. Example to distinguish more clearly the concept of click from that of visualization. The CPM occurs when a website appears on the Google results page – regardless of. Having a “ parallel life ” on social media is an opportunity for growth not only for flesh and blood people. Even companies that want to make themselves known quickly and effectively can take advantage of this digital marketing strategy. TIP for companies:  expand your network of contacts and share company news is one of the first steps in implementing a digital marketing strategy on social media. 

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