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You will have to make a considerable initial investment. In addition, of course, to having a solid knowledge of tools such as. Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It’s not for amateurs. Main types of affiliates 3 – Extra Income Affiliate. The last on our list containing the main types of affiliates is. The Extra Income Affiliate , also known as the Reseller Affiliate .

Extra Income Affiliate

This affiliate usually does not have any. Money to invest in creating an online business, but wants to earn extra income on the internet .  Features Egypt WhatsApp Number List From a technical point of view, the Extra Income Affiliate is quite limited, as it does not usually have a defined digital marketing strategy and most of the time does not even know. The most efficient tools to promote its affiliate links .

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Whatsapp Mobile Number List

Most of the time marketing is restricted to spam e-mails and spam comments on articles published on blogs, two strategies that hardly bring results, is BH Leads worthwhile. Generally, this type of affiliates starts by creating an account on Hotmart , Monetizze and other affiliate platforms, creates an account and starts spreading their links to their friends or to an.

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