Decide your goals first, then develop your skills

The owners, when they evaluated the humble professional’s proposal, thought “this is a patcher, a tinkerer, he is not who we need for our select renovation.” Moral: if you put patches, you will be “the one with the patches.” (Story adapted from the Blogospheric Pressure blog ) What kind of “plumber” have you decided to be? And which one do you want to look like? Sometimes brand and reputation do not go as closely together as we would like. Read your own profile on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin and the content you publish on these networks and ask yourself:

What do I know how to do

As a professional? Do I seem to do well compared to other professionals in the sector? Would you hire me or count on me if you were a client instead of choosing other professionals with a similar profile? Specialize: if you are a “general” professional they. Will not choose you in particular If you are Crypto Email List a specialist in everything. You are not a specialist in anything. Only specialists receive special offers. José Ortega y Gusset wrote that the ultimate paradox occurs that what is everywhere, what is omnipresent, is what is most difficult to see. When they have a dental problem, no one looks for a doctor in general but rather a dentist. And even a dentist specialized in implants or other specific services.

Are you able to specify your two

Three best features, specialties, products or services? The fewer services you offer, the more people tend to value what you know how to do. A simple brand invites; a complex brand, distance. The writer of The Little Prince, Saint Exupery, said that perfection is achieved not when you no longer BH Leads have anything to add but when you have nothing to take away. Ask yourself: what attributes should I eliminate from my brand? Personal branding is a simple representation of the services and professionalism that are for sale, easy to explain, understand and remember. Rule for professional success  Brand as a professional reference and sign of autonomy. 

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