Concerned with retaining their talents companies

Digital marketing professionals . Without professionals, wages soar One of the consequences of the shortage of skilled labor in the proportion required by demand was the increase in wages in digital marketing, even in the face of difficult economic times.  are increasingly and incorporating benefits and other perks to remuneration, which by.

Valuing their employees

The way is already high. The consultancy Robert Half disclosed in its 2021 salary guide that the remuneration for professionals who pursue a Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List career in digital marketing starts at a level of BRL 3,460 for junior positions in small companies.  multinational company, in management positions.

In the case of a large

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Remuneration can reach R$ 60,000 in management positions, in addition to benefits and performance awards. Still according to the survey, professionals BH Leads at the beginning of their careers had the greatest appreciation in digital marketing because it is a new area and lacking in qualified professionals. There are vacancies in digital marketing.

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