Carabineros the terror that does not cease

The systematic violation of Human Rights perpetrated by the Carabineros in Chile. Was denounced on more than one occasion before international organizations. Amnesty International was the entity that released an extensive report in October. In which the serious human rights violations committed by this force. Were denounced during the social demonstrations that took place in Santiago, Chile and that were replicated far and wide. from the country. Since the marches began in protest. Carabineros the terror that does not cease against. The increase in public transport fares, the strategic commanders of the Chilean militarized police allowed the commission of acts of murder, torture and humiliation against the participants of the marches.

The purpose of these abuses

Was based on a hyper-repressive policy whose purpose was to discourage social protest. However, the violence and irrationality of the Chilean soldiers did not stop when the wave of complaints ended; nor when Chile began to make headlines in the international Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data media due to complaints of crimes against humanity. With Sebastián Piñera determined to deny what the evidence revealed, the repressive force of the Carabineros continued with a practice whose origin dates back to the first years of the Pinochet dictatorship. Murder became one of the most common “maneuvers” of the disastrous Chilean militarized police. This is Piñera’s “democracy” These are not simple and isolated acts of excessive use of force.

Rather a systematic plan of terror through

Which the naturalization of crime by the police continues; just as it happened in the darkest years of the de facto government of Augusto Pinochet. The repression in the mass France Telegram Number demonstrations of and left people dead and more than , injured . The consternation of such a significant event that occurred in a democratic country must have been global; However, the Chilean president spared no effort in criminalizing the victims in order to justify the unjustifiable. “Carabineros has always acted within the framework of the law and respect for human rights,” Piñera lied, while the right-wing newspaper El Mercurio forced reality to coincide with the official story.

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