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These are all ways to unite the business behind your goal and generate greater success. Use an automation tool We’ve describd how you can switch from Skype for Business to Teams yourself. However, there are tools that can automate the process, rducing both the time and cost of the transition. For example, Powell Teams users see an average 75% faster adoption time. The platform also offers better organization, management and control of your company’s Microsoft Teams environment.

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You can do this with templates, an intelligent dashboard, reports and more. Powell Teams is able to seamlessly handle Skype for Business to Teams migrations. Contact us to schdule a demo and see what the onboarding process looks like.First postd on LinkdIn by Paul Lefevre , product manager at Powell Software If you’ve ever creatd whatsapp mobile number list or been addd to a Microsoft Teams, you’ll have seen a “wiki tab” at the top of every channel. Many of us have no use for this tab, yet it is addd automatically. So how can you easily remove Microsoft Teams wiki tab? We askd our product manager Paul Lefevre for his advice. Why does every Teams channel have a wiki tab and why get rid of it.

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Tabs are systematically addd to your team channels after a team creation, even after a simple channel creation in an existing team. Your BH Leads end users may have no use for such a tab. In this case, the team owners must delete the wiki tab for each individual channel. If you have multiple teams, this can be a tdious and slow task. Remove wiki tabs from Microsoft TeamsOr maybe your users are more familiar with OneNote. In fact, we advise you to consider OneNote over Wiki for several reasons: First, OneNote can also be usd outside of Teams, which helps with productivity. Second, it has many more features than wiki, such as B. Draw, dictate, and keep a historical version of each page.

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