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A challenge Richard Clark Chan Bro Saxberg each spoke to Harvard Business Review about the barriers to employee motivation. They are values ​​ goals that are unclear dont care enough to do well. You must explain the purpose He should feel that he identifies with what he is doing. Believes it makes sense sees a clear purpose. Uncertainty of ability I dont think I can do it. If an employee feels that he cannot cope with a task. He will not be motivateto complete it.

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Build employees sense of worth confidence in their abilities. Grade the difficulty of tasks break ongoing responsibilities into manageable chunks. Plus offer your support help to achieve your goals. Negativity Sometimes you will find employees with bad attitudes. Ask Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List where these emotions come from. Dont judge them just try to summarize what you understood make sure you understood it correctly. When people feel understood. Some of their negative emotions fade away. Attribution bias occurs when an employee is unable to accurately identify the reasons for his or her difficulty with a task or if he or she attributes his or her difficulties.

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For reasons beyond his or her control then he or  she will not be motivateto perform the task. Your role is to point out the solution by trying to work together to Thailand Whatsapp Number develop a concrete plan of action to restore control of the task to the employee. The conclusion is that good managers notice difficulties diagnose motivational problems in their employees. How to Motivate Employees Examples of what you can do to motivate your employees Ensure good communication Its not just about exchanging emails but talking to your employees every day. You can do this while at work or accompany your team on a lunch or coffee break. Dont just be on top of them just yet.

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